Best Sex Moves to Drive a Woman Crazy

man kissing woman on her forehead

Adding some surprise and novelty to sex can be a big boost for both partners. For example, kiss her nipples or collarbone.

This takes Cowgirl to another level and also provides a whole new range of sensations for both partners. This is a good move to use during foreplay.

1. Girl on Top

Women love to feel sexy and dominant, and the Girl on Top position is a great way to achieve this. This sexy variation of the classic missionary position allows for deep penetration and gives her complete control so she can guide your penis where it’s needed most.

Start in a normal missionary position, but then have her place her legs on either side of your body and straddle you. This will give her the opportunity to cling to you and keep your attention on her clitoris, while also being able to rock back and forth in a rhythm that’ll get you both into the zone.

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Many women say they can achieve orgasm in this sexy position just by stroking their clitoris and grinding it against yours, but you can also spice up the experience with a vibrator or your fingers. It’s important to communicate with your partner in this position, so make sure you’re both on the same page about what feels good and how often you want to move forward. This is a slow and sensuous position, so take your time to find a groove that works for you.

2. Butterfly Position

Often described as a steamier version of tried-and-true missionary, the Butterfly is a great way to add more sensual sensations and spice up sex. It’s easy for girls to do, too; just lie back and rest your thighs on top of your man’s shoulders. Then, have him lift your ankles up onto his chest.

For the penetrating partner, the Butterfly is a great position because it gives them easy access to your clitoris (and your anus) without having to reach through the vagina or anal canal. It also allows them to stimulate the clit manually and explore other erogenous zones, such as the nipples and inner thighs, says Zar.

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It’s also an excellent position for couples who enjoy oral sex or want to start with it before moving on to more anal sex. Just be sure to communicate with your partner about what kinds of stimulation they like and are comfortable with. Some people are all about dual stimulation, while others prefer to keep things a little more intimate and simple. And, remember that every vulva—and penis—is different.

4. Back Entry

Rear entry—also known as the doggie style—has her hinge at her hips and bend at the waist while you enter from behind. This position encourages deep penetration to hit the G-spot and provides room for clitoral stimulation. But Brame warns that it’s best only if your groin is directly aligned with hers or you have something to hold on to like the edge of a bed. Otherwise you may need to lower yourself or lean over her to penetrate completely.

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5. Head Rush

If you want to take your sex life up a notch, try these sexy new tricks in bed for her. They are easy, fun and will open the floor for communication in the sack and let her know you care about what turns her on in the bedroom.

One of the best foreplay ideas is to kiss her inner thighs, lick them and move up on her body. You can also massage every sweet spot in her body and she’ll be moaning in no time. For the adventurous, combine this foreplay with Face-to-Face and Doggie-Style positions for an imaginative position that is sure to thrill her.

Another popular foreplay idea is oral sex. Many women love the taste of each other’s lips and feel it prepares them for sex. Try sucking her lips, or licking her nipples and tongue to tease her before the actual sex. This is a simple and inexpensive way to spice up the night. And remember, what is hot for you may not be so for her — so listen to her and experiment!

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