The Best First Time Sex Positions

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When it comes to sex, first-timers can feel overwhelmed. Choosing the right positions can help ease them into their new experience and even reduce pain in some cases.

Spooning, cowgirl and missionary are some of the best first time sex positions to try. These positions are easy and can provide lots of pleasure, especially if the partners use a lot of lubrication.


Girl-on-Top is a great first time sex position for many women because it feels very intimate, slow, and rhythmic. The girl can swivel her hips or grind them, and the position also stimulates the clitoris and g-spot.

To try this sex position, have your partner lie on their back and rest a pillow under their head to lift their hips into a low bridge position. Then, have her arch her hips to meet your penis and squeeze her vulva. Then, she can move her hands over the g-spot and clitoris, or use her mouth to explore.

Another version of this sex position is called the Lotus, or Yab Yum. Have your partner sit back against a headboard or sofa and then crawl on top of them, using the furniture to help you. You can then straddle them and face them with your body pressed against theirs. This is a very intimate and slow sex position that can be sexy, and it allows for penetration as well. Leaning forward or back changes angles and can make this sex position feel even more intimate and sensual for both partners.

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Cowgirl, also known as the horseback position, is a classic that’s easy for first-timers to explore. The person on top can control the pace and depth of penetration—as well as stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, neck, and nipples with their penis or sex toy—and can vary the speed to suit their partner’s pleasure. It’s a great position for people of all sizes and athletic abilities to feel comfortable with, Smith says.

One of the best things about cowgirl is that it eliminates any pressure on the hymen, which can lead to pain or breakage if not handled correctly. But it’s still important to use lubrication for a smooth ride.

Another good thing about cowgirl is that both partners can see each other during sex, which can be an erotic and intimate experience. For first-timers, this can be less intimidating and allow them to focus on their connection with each other. But if you don’t feel comfortable with eye contact, try the spooning position instead. Both partners should face each other while cuddling together with their heads and crotches aligned (like spooning). Then the person who’s penetrating lies behind the partner, allowing them to enter from the back.


Missionary, also known as the spoon, is a great first time sex position for beginners because it’s a very intimate and romantic one, which allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes during sex. It’s also a good choice because it allows for a lot of touching of the important erogenous zones, especially if the penetrative partner is using the b-Vibe Rimming Plug (which simulates anilingus).

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It’s also hands-free, which means you don’t need to hold onto anything else in order to get pleasure – although gripping the mattress/one another/the bed frame can add momentum to the experience. Moreover, you can easily incorporate bondage with this position.

Moreover, for those who want to take sex to the next level, Missionary is the perfect position for double penetration. However, you should use lube (silicone is preferred) to avoid any painful moments during anal exploration. Besides, make sure you and your partner are comfortable with it. Then, try the position for a few sessions and see how it feels to you both. If you’re happy with it, it’s time to move on and explore other positions.

Them On Top

In this position, she sits in your lap and wraps her legs around your hips/waist to achieve maximum penetration. She can also be in control by riding you or rocking her hips to your rhythm and tempo. This position is great for beginners as it’s a slow-burning way to feel closer and more intimate while still giving you both the pleasure of penetration.

This is a good sex position for couples of similar heights because it’s easy to achieve. The man lays on the floor with his legs resting on a chair or ottoman that lifts his hips off the ground, while you straddle him and line your bodies up for penetration. You can also use your hands and mouth to stimulate his clitoral ridges for orgasms.

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A woman-on-top sex position that’s a great choice for first timers because it doesn’t require any special sex furniture. The only drawback is that it’s a bit harder to perform in a bathtub, but you can work up to it by experimenting with other positions like the spooning and missionary before this one.


This position is great for those who may have a hard time with penetration and/or clitoral stimulation. Basically, your partner gets in outer spoon, puts one leg over you, and enters from behind. This gives you more space to get to the important erogenous zones and allows for a lot of touch and friction to feel even better.

You can add to this by arching your back a bit and sticking out your butt for a little extra room, if needed. To reduce the angle of penetration, try to keep your pelvic bones together rather than separating them at the hips. This helps the guy with deeper, more intense thrusts and a harder clitoral stroke.

Alternatively, you can have her prop herself up on a chair or other high surface so that she’s at the edge of the bed and you’re penetrating behind her. This is known as the “Edge of Heaven” sex position and is great for her to reach down with her hand to stimulate clitoral stimulation. This also makes it easier for her to move around if she needs to do so.

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