The Best Sex Position For Deep Penetration

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There are plenty of sexual positions that prioritize deep penetration, and a few can be pain-free if you and your partner communicate about penetration depth and speed. For example, regular missionary can be pain-free if your partner straddles you and reaches inside to caress your breasts or clitoris.

Try switching to cowgirl, a face-to-face position that’s similar to missionary but offers more intimacy and good clitoral stimulation. This position also allows for deeper penetration when paired with the right sex toys.

Kneeling on all fours

Deep penetration isn’t always the most comfortable for women, especially when the penis hits the cervix. It can also be painful if the woman has sensitive vulva skin. To ease pain and discomfort, try propping a pillow under the woman’s hips. This will raise the vagina, offering a deeper angle of penetration. It’s like the cowgirl position, but with a little more room for sexy action.

Another option is to use the Stairway to Heaven position. This is similar to the doggy position, but requires a set of stairs. The man stands behind the woman, with his hands on a higher step and his knees on a lower one. The woman then climbs onto her partner, straddling them from their chest to their face. The man can then slowly start penetrating the nipples and clitoris from this position.

The Jockey is a fun variation on the horse riding position that’s great for slow, romantic sex and intimate intimacy. The woman lies on the bed with her legs together and straight. Then, the man can straddle her from behind and start thrusting. To make the experience even more intense, the man can also pull the woman’s legs towards him to help create more sensations. This is a good position to try during anal sex or vaginal sex. It can also be used during masturbation with a vibrator.

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Kneeling on one knee

Typically a man’s favorite, the missionary position is ideal for a partner who wants deep penetration but also craves intimacy and eye contact. Your partner straddles you on their knees with their hips aligned and then presses up against your legs, taking control of the pace and depth of penetration. You can also use oral sex as foreplay to prepare for this position and to lubricate your partner’s lips. You can vary the angle of entry by where your partner positions their knees and how they angle their chest.

The butterfly position is another good option for a woman who wants a deeper experience. This position allows the penetrating partner to see her back and buttocks while enhancing her G-spot stimulation with anal and anus stimulation. It’s also a great position for those who are prone to climax because it prevents pressure on the cervix and anal canal.

If you’re not a fan of the butterfly position, try a variation called the “grinding missionary.” It’s like the regular version but more intense. To try it, have your partner straddle you on their knees and then press up against your legs with their feet at the edge of the bed or table. This allows them to control the pace of penetration and to grind against your buttocks during thrusting.

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Kneeling on your knees

Details: If you’re looking for a deeper penetrative position, try the Jockey sex position. This is a great way to spice up your sexual experience with deep penetration, and it also offers good G-spot stimulation. To get started, have her lie on the bed or other surface and bend their legs. Then, the man can straddle her from behind and start penetrating her. It’s important to communicate clearly with your partner in this position and to make sure that you both feel comfortable.

Another great penetrative position for deep penetration is the Butterfly position. This is a variation on the Missionary position, in which the receiver lies on her back as the penetrator hovers over them. In this version, the receiver can lift her leg and wrap it around the penetrator’s shoulder to add extra sensation and intimacy.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the Wheelbarrow sex position. In this sex position, the woman kneels on all fours and the penetrator crawls underneath her. They can then enter her from the side and begin penetrating her from the hips. This is a more erogenous position than Doggy-Style and offers plenty of hands-on potential for clitoral stimulation and nipple play. This position requires a sturdy surface and a bit of practice to master, so it’s best for experienced partners.

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Kneeling on your butt

A variation of the cowgirl position, this sex pose is good for deep penetration and offers intimacy with face-to-face contact. It’s also a great position for couples who want to try oral sex as a form of foreplay, says Saynt. The receiver kneels on their buttocks and the penetrator hovers over them, with pelvises aligned. To make the experience even more intimate, the partner can lift their legs onto the penetrator’s shoulders.

Another seated position that allows for deep penetration is the missionary position. Here, the man sits on the edge of the bed or a chair while the woman straddles on top of him. He then inserts his penis into her vagina. The woman can control the pace of thrusting and can use her hands to massage or play with her clitoris.

For an added boost of pleasure, the penetrator can use a clitoral toy like the LELO Tiani 3 to stimulate her clitoris and clitoral hood. If the couple wants to explore anal sex, they can add a cock ring to the experience.

If the partner feels comfortable with this position, they can move on to a variation called the wheelbarrow position. To start, the vulva owner lies on their back and raises their leg so it rests on their partner’s shoulder. Then the penetrator grabs their leg with one hand and puts it on their chest to pull their torso up. This will cause the partner’s hips to lift, which will allow for super-deep penetration and is perfect for clitoral stimulation with a clitoral toy or fingers.

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