The Best Sex Position For Small Dickies

a woman laying on a bed with her legs crossed

No matter how big or small your dick is, there are plenty of ways to make it rock harder. That’s especially true for men with smaller penises.

For example, any position that involves back entry can work well for guys with small dicks. Moreover, positions that encourage grinding or fingering can really hit the g-spot and provide intense pleasure.

1. Missionary Position

Traditionally associated with straight couplings, missionary is a classic sex position. It puts the penetrator in between the legs of their partner, making them a great choice for people with small penis. This is an intimate sex position that allows for skin-to-skin contact, which enhances the sensation of penetration. It also gives the person on top more control over the speed, depth, and rhythm of thrusts. The bottom partner can also tuck themselves in and position themselves to change up the angle of penetration, which is important for stimulating erogenous zones.

It’s important to remember that no sex position is one-size-fits-all, so experiment with missionary and other positions to see what works best for you. Also, don’t be afraid to add new elements like sex toys and dirty talk to spice things up. The key is to communicate with your partner, have fun, and enjoy memorable orgasms together.

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2. Doggy Style

The doggy position is a good choice for guys with a small dick, because it makes it easier for them to penetrate deeply. It also opens the door for anal sex and cunnilingus, and it works well with vibrators. In fact, larger wand-type vibrators are especially effective with doggy.

While the doggy position is great for penetrating deep, it can sometimes lead to over-thrusting on the bottom, which can be uncomfortable and even painful for some partners. For this reason, experts recommend reducing the amount of thrusting and using shorter, more intense strokes to make it more comfortable.

A variation on this position is standing doggy, where the receiving partner is standing and bent over a surface like a chair or the edge of the bed while the giving partner stands behind them to penetrate. This is a good alternative if either partner has sensitive knees. Adding a strap-on to the giving partner can help them move faster and penetrate deeper without putting too much pressure on their knees. This is also a good option if you’re trying to transition from a lower-body-only position to a full sex position.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

For a playful and adventurous approach to anal penetration, try the reverse cowgirl. Have your partner lay on their back with their legs splayed across the bed, then grab their butt and tilt it upward toward you. This stretches the anal out for deeper penetration and enables you to stroke her clitoris for explosive orgasms.

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This position is even better when done with a sex wedge. This triangular foam pillow-wedge thing slots into most of the positions on this list and makes them more comfortable, easier to get into and more fun for both parties.

Having a small penis can be uncomfortable at first, but with practice and the right positions you’ll soon find that it isn’t a big deal. Studies have shown that dick size isn’t as important to women as we think, but it doesn’t hurt to be confident handling your equipment in the bedroom. This guide will show you some of the best sex positions for a small dick to keep you and your partner satisfied for as long as possible.

4. Legs Up on Shoulders

This is a great position for deep penetration that’s sure to please if your guy has a small penis. With the legs-on-shoulders position, he sits on the end of the bed or in a chair and has her straddle him with her legs wrapped around him. They can grind together or hop up and down for sexy action. For even more sensation, she can use her hands or a couples’ sex toy on her clitoris.

Unlike the Missionary Position, which only allows entry through the anal canal, this one lets him put his whole penis in for maximum G-spot stimulation. It’s also a good choice for slower sex.

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A lot of men worry that they won’t be able to satisfy their partners in the bedroom if they have a smaller penis. But sexy positions like these can help you make the most of your man’s penis size so that both of you have mind-blowing sex. After all, it’s not the size of your penis that matters — it’s how you use it! And these fun moves are sure to give him what he needs for mind-blowing sex.

5. Woman on Top

One of the most arousing positions, this position will help your partner take control and make the sex feel like it should. Basically, the woman lies down on top of her partner and either puts both or one of her legs up on his shoulders. This will create tightness and add extra pressure to the anal area — perfect for those with a small penis.

She then leans over your erection and rests her pussy on it for extra support. Then, she can rock her hips to and fro while thrusting. The position will also allow her to touch your anus and clitoris with her fingers, adding an extra level of stimulation.

So, if you have a tiny little dick and are struggling to get the job done in the bedroom, don’t panic! Communication, trust and affection are far more important for sexual satisfaction than the size of your penis. And with the right positions, you can have a blast no matter how big or small your penis is. So what are you waiting for?

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