Best Sex Positions For Female Pleasure

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The good old-fashioned missionary, a back-entry position, ranked highest for female pleasure in a recent study. It offers a nice, deep sensation and isn’t too intense. It also stimulates the G-spot and allows men to feel dominant in a non-strenuous way – This section is the work of the portal’s author

Spooning, in which both partners lie on their sides and the man enters from behind, was another top clitoral stimulation position for women. Both sides can bounce up and down, grind or make hip circles, each delivering a different sensation.

Missionary Legs Up

One of the oldest and best-known sex positions around, missionary is also among the most satisfying for women because it stimulates the clitoral hood. Just be sure to use plenty of the best lube and rock back and forth to create some friction.

This position is great for beginners since it doesn’t require any real stretching or flexibility. It also helps avoid those groans that often occur during front-entry sex, especially when you’re on the bottom.

You can try a few different variations of this classic position to spice things up. For instance, you can have your partner lift their legs straight up into the air like a mermaid’s tail to allow for better penetration and greater stimulation.

Another option is to lift the bottom partner’s hips up with a pillow or sex wedge. This allows for more targeted G-spot stimulation, which can make the sensations even more intense. Just be careful you don’t go too far, as this could cause her to feel uncomfortable and lose interest quickly.

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Doggy Style

The doggy position is one of the most popular in bedrooms and regularly ranked as the top sex position for female pleasure. This “from behind” favorite provides plenty of sensation for both partners, including clitoral stimulation.

But the position can be hard on the receiving partner’s knees, particularly if they have arthritis or other ailments. If your partner has sensitive knees, try a variation on the doggy style called standing doggy. Have your partner stand and bend over a surface like a bed or a bench to increase the comfort level of the position while maintaining the same sensation.

Another fun twist on the doggy position is backshot sex, which offers a different slant on penetration. Have your partner lie on their side and have them lift their top leg up to place the man’s penis into her vulva. From there, the sexy possibilities are endless. For example, you can have your partner rock up and down or grind in the space between their legs to deliver sensations that other positions simply cannot. It’s also a great way to increase intimacy since your partner will be right in front of you.

Reverse Cowgirl

A fun variation on classic cowgirl, reverse cowgirl is great for those who want to play with their breasts and clit without worrying about the gaze of their partner. It also allows you to go deeper than a regular cowgirl, but if you’re worried about getting too deep, try using a wearable like or for extra penetration control, says Lewis.

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As with doggy style, this position is great for arousal because it hits the G-spot. It also has the added benefit of giving your partner a pretty bangin’ view, which is always a plus.

To do this, the penetrating partner lies on their back and the receiver straddles them, kneeling and facing away from them. The person on top can then bounce up and down or grind their hips—each delivering a different sensation. A seated variation of this pose is also a good choice, because it takes some pressure off the legs and can help prevent irritation. And, it gives the person on top a chance to see their partner over their shoulder for some eye contact—an important trigger for orgasm.


Historically, wheelbarrows (both hand carts with two wheels operated by one person, and four-wheeled animal- or human-drawn wagons) have been used for transporting heavy loads. They’re easy to use with a bit of practice, and offer a lot of stimulation. They are also a great way to help a lady reach an orgasm in her first few minutes of penetration.

Have her lay belly down, legs closed, and let her partner enter from behind. This is a very different sensation than any other rear-entry position, and it provides her with a lot of G-Spot stimulation as well. If she wants, she can cross her ankles to grip his cock with her hands for extra pleasure.

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To increase the intensity, have her partner rock back and forth instead of thrusting, to stimulate the clitoris in different ways with each movement. The Pinner Position is another fun and unusual way to enter a woman from the rear, says Rullo. She lies down on the bed, then curves her bottom round like a bowl, and lets him or her slide in the base of their penis or strap-on.

Side Entry

Women love oral sex, but getting to the clitoral area isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important to try different positions that help stimulate a woman’s clitoris. Getting an orgasm can make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

WH talked to Harley Street psychotherapist and somatic sex coach Christine Webber to find out the best sex positions for female pleasure. These positions allow the woman to explore her erogenous zones and create an amazing climax.

She can use her mouth, hands and toys to increase the pleasure. And the man can step into her space and cuddle her from behind, which makes this position intimate as well as arousing.

Alternatively, the man can get down on all fours and enter her from behind. This is a great position for penetrative sex, as it allows the partner to caress the back and buttocks of her body while thrusting. The slant of this entry provides an excellent angle on the G-spot, giving a great sensation. It also makes the experience feel longer, giving her more time to reach her climax.

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