The Best Cars to Have Sex In

parked white Ford Explorer SUV

A sexy backseat rendezvous is one of the best perks of car ownership. But not all cars are suitable for romps.

Ferraris are sexy, but their low rooflines limit headroom and can make sex difficult. A FIAT 500c convertible is more versatile and sexy. And a grand tour Airstream packs everything you need for sexy banging on the go.


A car is a great place to have sex. You have privacy and control over the heat and air conditioning, plus you can creep out without waking anyone or raising suspicion.

The Range Rover is the best car to have sex in, with comfortable back seats and lots of room. It also has a roof that can be lowered, making it even more private. This SUV is the perfect choice for exhibitionists. The wide opening of the top also makes it easy to position yourself for banging.


Sex in the car isn’t just for horny teenagers; it can be a zesty diversion from the bedroom’s discreet confines. From a ’70s bench-seat behemoth to flexible-seating SUVs, these cars are perfect for road trip sex.

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Designed with backseat passengers in mind, the Mercedes S Class has plenty of room to spread out and get intimate – plus the rear seats can be folded down for extra space. You can pick one up used from a few thousand pounds. Nobody will suspect a thing. Unless they’re a Prius driver.

3. VOLVO S60

With a comfy, spacious rear seat that can be positioned to maximise space and a back window that retracts completely for a fully open air experience it’s no wonder one-in-three Volvo owners admit to having sex in their cars.

The slick Swedish carmakers have been on a roll lately, this model being their seventh new design since 2014. It’s easy to see why – it looks flipping fantastic. It’s clean, classy, and not overly fussy. Perfect for banging.


For some couples, a spontaneous backseat rendezvous is one of the finest perks of owning a car. However, not all vehicles are made for romping. Trying to get it on in a VW Beetle would probably not end well for either of you.

Enter the Mercedes S-Class Shooting Brake. With enough space to hold a mattress in the trunk, this is a perfect car for car sex. Just make sure to find a desolate spot before you start cranking up the music.


If you want to get down in a car with a little more class, the Mercedes S-Class has you covered. This sexy limo has first-class rear seats that recline almost flat and provide ultimate massaging, making this car ideal for that unforgettable fuck.

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If you’re more of the classics type, Ford offers plenty of options for that back seat nooky. Just remember to pack condoms that are Ford tough.


If you’re a lady, this is the car for you. It’s got a raw, sexual swagger that none of the others can match. Plus, you can often pick one up for a bargain price used.

It’s a perfect car for road sex – the back seat is designed with intimacy in mind and you can even fold the seats flat. Plus, it has a huge boot for all your secret sex gear. Yummy!


If you’re not a fan of tight spaces then perhaps the classic Ford F-150 is more your style. Just throw a sleeping bag (made for 2) and an air mattress in the bed of this truck and get to banging. Just remember to bring your condoms.



The S Class is one of the best cars to have sex in with plenty of room in the back seat. It also features an electric reclining seat which is perfect for those who like to have a little fun.

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If sex in the car isn’t for you, then the Jeep Wrangler is a perfect alternative. It’s tough look with off-road ability makes it a great choice for those looking for adventure. Used examples start from PS3995. Alternatively, check out the Chrysler Pacifica. It has a huge amount of space in the rear which can be used for anything from a pillow to a sleeping bag for two.


According to a recent study 57% of Americans have had their first sexual experience, first time to say “I love you” or their first breakup in their car.

But not all cars are made equal when it comes to the back seat -Smart cars, Minis and Ticos may be cramped and claustrophobic whereas the luxurious Mercedes S Class was built with car coitus in mind. Its spacious, comfortable rear seats can be folded flat to provide an intimate action space. Plus, it’s a dream to clean.


Car sex is one of the finer perks of having a vehicle. Getting from point A to point XXX is just fine, but a spontaneous backseat rendezvous makes things even better.

You could get your thrills in a VW Beetle, but you’ll look more sophisticated in this German devil. It’s not just about the look, either; this coupe has a rear seat that reclines for ultimate massaging, plus 557 horsepower to get you to your next destination faster than the others. That’s sure to get her going.

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