The Best Place For Car Sex

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Car sex can be super-hot for couples who enjoy intimacy and sensation play. For the best results, park someplace private and wait until dark to get down to business.

You’ll want to avoid areas that are too crowded, as passersby may see you and call the police. But here are some ideas: Parks: Quiet and lonely parks can be perfect.

Parking lot

If you’re thinking about car sex, it’s important to choose a location that’s discreet. It’s also a good idea to wait until night time when people are less likely to be around. Public places like parks, parking lots, and abandoned buildings’ parking garages are great choices because they’re usually isolated and can be dark. You can also try a spot surrounded by hills, trees, or fences that block the view of your vehicle.

Another excellent place for car sex is an airport parking lot. Airplanes depart and arrive throughout the day, so there are many times when the parking lot is empty. However, it’s important to avoid a busy area, as criminals may be lurking nearby.

It’s important to make sure your partner is open to car sex before you try it. Some men and women are hesitant about it because they worry that someone will catch them. Even if you’re discreet, you could still be charged with public indecency if someone spots you doing it.

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If your partner isn’t a fan of car sex, you can try other positions in the vehicle. One of the best is to have your partner sit in the passenger seat and then come on top of them. This is called the side spoon position and can be a very sensual experience.


The car is a great place to have sex, but you should be cautious. Public sex in a car is risky, and it can get you fined or even arrested. So, make sure you don’t park in a busy parking lot and that you do it at night when the light is dim. Also, make sure to lock the doors and turn off the engine when you’re done.

A garage is a good option for car sex because it’s out of the way and quiet. It’s also a lot easier to hide your movements from passersby, which makes it a great place for quickies. Plus, it’s not as noisy as a public restroom, so you won’t have to worry about other people hearing your orgasms.

To get the most out of your car sex, try positioning yourself in missionary position with your man. This position is ideal for oral and penetration, and you can add a little variety by moving your body around. You can also experiment with different positions and try to find the one that works best for you and your partner. Just be careful not to leave lube or condoms in the car because they can melt. If you’re still worried about getting caught, try a hidden spot like a garage or a carport.

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Dead-end road

You might be tempted to have sex in your car while you’re driving, but that’s not a good idea. It’s not safe for anyone, and it can lead to a lot of problems. The biggest problem is getting caught by the police. If you get caught, it could be a big mess. There are also a lot of other reasons to avoid doing this.

Ideally, the best place for car sex is a dead-end road. This will make it difficult for you to be seen by other people. It’s also a great place to have sex because you can be surrounded by nature.

Another great spot for car sex is your driveway or garage. This is a great location because you can be sure that no one will see you. You can also lie on the hood of your car for penetrative sex or oral sex.

Before you decide to have sex in your car, it’s important to discuss it with your partner. This is especially true if they’re a bit hesitant about it. Car sex can be pretty hot, but it’s also risky. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it’s important to prepare for these potential risks. For example, you may need to buy an extra pillow or cushion for added comfort.

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Parked car

One of the most sexy locations for car sex is in a parked car. This allows you to be closer to your partner, which can make the experience more intimate. It also allows you to bounce up and down, which can heighten the sensation. It is also a good position for him to rub your clit, which can be very sensual.

Another place for car sex is at the beach. This is a great location because it is usually empty of people and there are many parking spots. Moreover, you can choose between well-lit or dark ones. It is best to use a car with tinted windows. This way, no one can see you unless they are right under the car.

While car sex sounds like a fun and naughty idea, it is important to think about the risks involved in this kind of activity. It can be dangerous and uncomfortable, and it can also lead to embarrassment if someone sees you. Additionally, it can be illegal in some cases, such as if you do it in a public setting.

Some couples add spice to their relationship by having sex in the car, and others do it because they don’t have a bedroom. If you’re thinking of trying it, make sure that both of you are open to it and that the environment is safe. You may also want to have a plan in case someone catches you and wants to talk about it.

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