The Best Sex Position to Squirt

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If you want to give your partner an intense, full-body orgasm, making her squirt is a great way to stimulate her G spot. This article will teach you how to do it using different positions and sex toys.

Squirting orgasms are different from regular sex because they require precise pressure, rhythm and angle to hit her G spot.

Doggy Style

It’s a bit surprising to many men that their female partners like to doggy style, but it is in fact one of the best positions for squirting orgasms. With this position, the head of your penis is stimulating her G-spot and at the same time she’s stroking your clitoris with her lips and tongue. This sensation feels amazing for her and she may even squirt in response.

When doing doggy style, start with a little foreplay. Kiss her neck, lick her nipples and give her gentle foreplay massages to warm up her clit. Once she’s ready for deeper penetration, have her lean back on the bed and use the spooning position. This is a great way to get her in the mood for squirting orgasms, but you can also make things more intense by adding pressure and deeper thrusting.

Another option is to do a back entry and sit down into her vagina with your legs behind her. This position is easy to get into and it gives you access to her inner front wall. This can be a very erotic experience for her, especially if you move the head of your penis up and down and in and out over her G-spot as well as stroking her clit. This is a very effective position for her to squirt in and she’ll love it when you go for deeper penetration and give her the G-spot orgasm she desires.

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Often, squirting comes from a combination of G-spot and clit stimulation. To encourage that, try the Missionary position. This is similar to Spooning but with one difference – you’re penetrating her from behind, which will give you a better angle for hitting her G-spot. You can also put a hand between her legs to touch her clitoris for added stimulation during penetration.

Missionary is a great position to use for beginners who want to learn how to make their partner squirt, and it’s a good position for experienced squirters, too. It’s easy to get comfortable and let go in this position, which will help your partner relax and enjoy her experience. It’s important to remember that squirting isn’t just about the position, it’s about the technique and timing. You need to be able to move your fingers, sex toys or penis at the right time to release the tension and encourage her to squirt.

To do this, start with some foreplay, including flirting, teasing and lighter foreplay like licking her neck and nipples, talking dirty and grinding your hips against her. You can even edgify her with slow licks to her clit, which will build up arousal. This will give you a good idea of when to reach in and start making her grind against your penis, which will increase the pressure on her clit and stimulate her G-spot.

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Rear Entry

Like the Missionary position, this rear-entry sex position also targets her G-spot. It’s harder for her to squirt in this position, but it hits the spot well.

To perform this sex position, have her lie down on her back with her legs extended over the side of the bed. Then, have her bring her hips up to her chest with her feet propping on her knees or the bed for stability. You then come behind her and enter her from her butt. As you thrust, she can feel the tip of your penis brushing against her clitoris to stimulate her G-spot even more.

You can also try the Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl positions for sex that’s both intense and sensual. Both of these rear-entry sex positions are similar to Spooning in that they both have you penetrating her from behind but have her legs curled up around your waist and butt. These positions give her a different angle of penetration and hit the G-spot differently than other rear-entry sex poses.

You could also try a variation of Spooning called the Pinner Position. It has you both lying on your sides pressed against each other and him coming in from behind, but with a slight tilt to the hips and pelvis to make it easier for him to penetrate your G-spot.

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This fun sex position gets its name from the fact that it looks like your partner is riding you. It’s easy to get into and can be used for vaginal or anal sex, depending on your preferences. It’s also one of the best positions to use if you want to stimulate your clitoris for an orgasm. The bottom person can also lean forward or back and move their hips for added variation.

If you’re looking for a new sex position that will make your partner squirt, try the Jockey. This is a slight variation on the standard Prone Bone or Groundhog sex position. He starts by lying down beside her, with his head resting next to hers. He then supports his upper body with his forearms and thrusts down into her. This gives him a great angle to hit her G-spot and can make her tremble.

He can also lick her lips and whisper dirty things in her ear, making this a very intimate position. She may lick her lips too and rub her clitoris as she’s being penetrated for extra stimulation. You could even use a vibrator between her legs to add an additional orgasm. If she’s able to do so, he might be tempted to grind his face into her as well. If he does, you’re in for some intense orgasms.

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