Best Positions For Period Sex

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Whether you’re having a light flow or heavy-duty cramps, there are many sex positions that can be enjoyable on your period. But the trick is finding one that will reduce cramps, keep it clean and (let’s face it) distract you from Aunt Flo’s slipperiness.

Try missionary or the butterfly yoga pose. It opens your hips a bit and feels delicious.

Pillow Princess

The term “pillow princess” was initially used as a derogatory label, but it’s been reclaimed by a lot of people in the queer, BDSM and kink communities. Basically, a pillow princess is someone who enjoys receiving pleasure during sex more than they give it.

If you’re dating or talking to a pillow princess, you should respect their preference and communicate clearly about what they want in bed. And don’t try to change their preferences unless they express that they feel uncomfortable about it.

The spooning position allows you to control the angle of penetration and is a great option for if you’re having period cramps. Plus, it lets your partner massage your shoulders and earlobes, fondle your breasts, and gives them easy access to perform oral stimulation. It’s also ideal for shallow penetration, which can be helpful if your cervix is especially tender during your period.


Having sex while on your period is always more fun when you’re lying down, so you can try the classic missionary position. This position is easy to adapt to your needs and can be made even more intimate by placing a pillow under your hips for added comfort. If you like, you can also place your legs in a butterfly yoga pose for more comfort and to open up your hips a little bit. This will feel so good and it’s a great position for your partner to be on top of you using a vibrator or other toys.

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This traditional favorite allows her to control the angle of penetration and gives him easy access to massage her shoulders, nibble her earlobes, and fondle her breasts. The shallow penetration can also help reduce cramping if she’s having one of those really bad days. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and stimulation, and it works well for all types of menstrual play.


When you’re on top in the Cowgirl position, also known as Rider-on-Top or Girl on Top, you get to straddle, squat onto, or lie on your penetrative partner while they enter you vaginally and anally. This is a great position for those who have a deep desire for orgasm. It is also considered a confidence booster for the receptive because they are in control of the pace, depth, and angle of penetration, something that many other positions don’t offer.

Similar to the spread doggy, this one is easy for the receiver because they assume a child’s pose (the resting position often used during yoga). They will fold forward and allow their pelvic area to stretch flat against the bed as they take the penetrative partner into their lap and lift them off of the floor. This is another one of the best sex positions for period sex because it gives the recipient direct clitoral stimulation.

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Side-by-Side or Facing Each Other

If you want to try something a little bit more adventurous than Missionary, side-by-side or facing each other is a great option. It’s easy to touch and allows for some pretty intimate sex (like ear nibbling, throat kissing or breast fondling). Plus, it can help reduce pressure on the cervix, which could alleviate some of your cramps.

Another great option is the Turtle sex position, which is perfect for period sex because it allows your partner to straddle you from behind and easily reach your G-spot. It also helps your partner have a deeper penetration and is good for stimulating the front wall of the vagina, which some women find extremely pleasurable.

To make it even more fun, you can elevate your legs so that they form a “T” shape, which can give your partner a better angle of entry and you’ll have a nice view too!

Lying Down

If you’re the type of person who finds that their cervix is extra tender during periods, you may want to stick with positions that allow for deeper penetration but aren’t as likely to cause thrusts that could cause discomfort. For example, the cuddling position (think supine twist pose from yoga) is a great option.

Another sex position that allows for deep penetration but also enables the receiver to have clitoral stimulation from her partner’s hand or a vibrator is the spooning position. This tried-and-true favorite is a good choice for sex during period because it allows her to control the angle of penetration, says Dr. Jess, and gives her partner easy access to massage her shoulders, nibble her earlobes and caress her breasts, which are probably sore from cramping.

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Another version of the spooning position is based on child’s pose, which is also a recovery pose in some types of yoga. The receiving partner assumes the fetal position and then extends one knee out toward the back while keeping the other flat to the bed, making this position more comfortable for both partners.

Legs Up

If a woman’s period cramps are too much for the fetal position, but she’s still in the mood for sex, the Legs Up position can be a great option. This combines the comfort of the fetal position with the intimacy of being on top, which can help to relieve cramps and make it easier for her partner to perform deeper penetration (if desired).

While there are plenty of reasons to love period sex, it’s also important to listen to your body. If you’re not into it, that’s perfectly fine! You can always try some of these other low-energy sex positions that will still feel amazing and won’t involve penetration (like ear nibbling, throat kissing and breast fondling). And if you’re worried about the mess, you can always try out shower sex. (Just be sure to spread a dark-coloured towel, as periods are known to cause bloody sex!).

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