The Best Sexual Positions For Seniors

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While aging can make it harder for people to have sex the way they used to, intimacy is still possible. You just have to be creative with different positions and work around your body’s limitations.

One great position that works for seniors is spooning. It’s super romantic and doesn’t put much pressure on your hips or knees.


As you get older, your body changes and this isn’t always a bad thing. You may not be as flexible as you once were but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find new ways to enjoy sex. Especially if you have a long-term partner and you both know what each other likes it can be fun to try out different positions that will give the desired pleasure whilst keeping pain and other physical limitations at bay.

For example, missionary position is a great option for women who aren’t very agile because it is easy to do and allows the man to penetrate from the front. This position is also great for people with hip or knee pain as it doesn’t put pressure on these areas and can be made even more comfortable by using pillows.

Another alternative to the regular missionary position is a modified version of it which allows the woman to lie on her back with her feet in the air while the man stands behind her and thrusts. This position is good for arthritic pain and it also helps the woman to relax as well as get a different angle which can be very stimulating.

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Oral sex is another great way to get orgasms for both men and women. It is easy to do and doesn’t require any physical effort which can be a relief for those who struggle with painful knees or hips. It can also be a great foreplay activity and helps to build up tension in the bedroom before the main event.

There are many other rockstar sexual positions for seniors that can make it possible for them to feel good again and keep their relationship strong and passionate. Taking care of one’s health and keeping the channels of communication open with one’s partner are also important in order to ensure that the spark doesn’t die out as you get older.


Many seniors find themselves unable to perform the usual sexual positions as they get older. This is because they experience changes in their bodies that cause them to become less flexible. This does not mean that they should give up on sex altogether, however. Instead, they should use different sex positions that are more suitable for their bodies and the new challenges they face.

For example, the Spooning position is a cuddling position that works for most couples. It involves the woman lying on her side and the man cuddling up behind her. This allows him to enter her vagina comfortably without putting too much pressure on his arms or knees. It also allows her to lift her top leg slightly for more stimulation from a different angle.

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Another good sex position for seniors is the 69 position. This is similar to spooning in that both partners are lying down and facing each other. In this position, the woman places a pillow between her legs so that the man can easily penetrate her from above without having to reach for her with his hands. This can help to reduce arthritic pain that is often associated with this type of sex.

Aside from these sex positions, there are other things that can be done to enhance the experience of senior sex. Some of these include warm-up exercises like stretches, massages, and use of warming muscle rubs. Additionally, lubrication and sexual toys can be used to stimulate each other. Finally, the quality of sleep has a huge impact on arousal levels. It is important to make sure that seniors are getting a good night’s sleep before sexual activity.

Doggy Style

One of the best sex positions for seniors that can be enjoyed without much pain is the doggy style position. The woman lies down and uses pillows to support her back. She then lets her partner enter her from behind and can use their hands to stimulate her erogenous zones. The man can also use their whole body to thrust instead of just their hips if desired.

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The 69 position is another great sex position for older couples that can be used to increase intimacy. The man stands while the woman kneels down in front of him and lets him penetrate her from behind. They can also both enjoy oral activities in this position which is a big orgasm-booster for most women.

It is important for seniors to realize that while they may be limited in some ways, their sexual desire should not be. They should communicate with their partner to discover new ways to get orgasms and have fun together. It is a good idea for both partners to warm up slowly with some foreplay such as kissing, making out and manual stimulation of the pelvic area.

A lot of people think that sex is for the young, but this is not true. Even seniors can have rockstar sex that will bring on multiple orgasms and give them the joy they crave. It just takes a little more thought and planning when you are older, but it is not impossible to have sex that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind when having sex as you get older, such as pain or other issues with your body. But with the right tools, such as a great sex toy, lube and some warming muscle massage oil, you can still enjoy erotic adventures that will be very satisfying.

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