What Are the Thinnest Condoms?

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A thin condom can help heighten sensitivity and pleasure for both partners. These lubricated, natural rubber latex condoms are shaped to fit snugly and teat-ended for extra security.

The minimalistic packaging looks stylish floating around your home, and the slim ribbed shape is perfect for those with narrow penises. The condoms are incredibly smooth and finished with premium medical-grade silicone lubricant.

Kimono Ultra-Thin Condoms

Made with a network of small hexagons, Kimono Ultra-Thin Condoms maximize sensitivity while also flex to ensure a snug fit for both partners. And while they’re one of our thinnest condoms, they’re also one of the strongest and most durable. The lubrication feels smooth and natural, too, which is a big plus for some people. And because they’re latex free, they’re a great option for those who are allergic to latex.

The lubrication on these condoms is water-based, which can be easier on sensitive skin than silicone. They’re also odor-free and free of nitrosamines, which can trigger a latex allergy. And like other Okamoto condoms, they’re incredibly smooth and easy to roll on, stay in place, and forget about.

While most condoms rely on their thickness to give you more feeling, these have something extra: a smooth lubricant and a special climax control that’s meant to help your pleasure last longer. They’re also ribbed, dotted, and have pouches to reduce friction on your partner’s penis.

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When used correctly, latex condoms can prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. But even if you have a latex allergy, you should always use a condom during sex, because there’s still a risk of infection from the anus. That’s why it’s important to choose the right condom for you and your partner.

Playboy Ultra-Thin Condoms

Playboy condoms are made with premium quality latex and are lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. They are also a lot thinner than standard condoms, making them feel more like nothing between you and your partner during sex. Plus, they’re easier to slip on than thicker condoms, so you can skip the fumbling.

These condoms are a little bit more expensive than other latex condoms, but they’re worth the extra cost for their extreme thinness. They’re a full 20% thinner than the thinnest condoms from other brands, so you can really feel your partner during sex.

The thinnest textured condom on the market, these bad boys are studded with tiny, squiggly studs for added sensation. They’re also very easy to slip on, and reviewers say that they have less of a latex smell than other brands.

Another great option from Durex, this ribbed and dotted condom is super thin, allowing maximum clitoral stimulation. It’s also pre-lubricated with a non-spermicidal lube to reduce breakage and friction. Plus, it contains spermicide to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs/STIs.

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Champ Ultra-Thin Condoms

Champ Ultra-Thin Condoms have a barely-there feel with extra sensation for you and your partner. They are made from 100% premium natural latex and lubricated with non-sticky, medical-grade silicone lube. They are odorless, contain no casein, spermicide, glycerin, flavors or preservatives and are vegan approved.

These large Japanese condoms are the thinnest condoms in the US and have a flared shape for increased comfort and sensitivity. They are also odorless and made from Sheerlon, a special type of latex that is both thinner and stronger than standard latex.

Like the Kimono condoms, these sexy little babies are a favorite among Amazon reviewers for their softness and comfort. They’re made from Sheerlon, a high-quality, low-scent latex, and are lubricated with body-safe, nonsticky medical-grade silicone lube. And with a sensitivity level that exceeds all other lubes on the market, these condoms are sure to please.

While these sexy little babies are great for all men, they’re especially a good fit for those with average or smaller-size penises. According to sex educator Elle Stanger, these condoms tend to run skinnier than other brands and fit well on people with slimmer penises. And with a slimmer profile, they’re less likely to slip off during use and even easier to insert. Unlike the Playboy condoms, these are not flavored or scented and do not contain glycerin or spermicide.

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Maude Rise Condoms

Maude makes a bunch of different condoms, but their thinnest condoms are the Rise Plus models. These are sustainably sourced natural latex, free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, and contain no spermicide. They also come with easy-open buttercup packaging, which eliminates the need for ripping wrappers. They’re also lubricated and have a sexy, sexier shape that makes them look cuter than most condoms.

They’re not quite as slim as the Kimono condoms, but reviewers say they’re a good fit for less-girthy types. They’re lubricated on both sides and promise to last longer than standard condoms. You can get them in a three-pack for around $20 from Amazon.

If you want extra sensation, consider ribbed or textured condoms. These have raised studs or dots that increase stimulation for both partners. They can also be a bit more sensitive to breakage, so make sure you use them with plenty of lubricant.

Another option is a numbing condom, which contains ingredients to temporarily reduce sensitivity for both partners. It can help increase pleasure but may not be suitable for all couples or if you’re sensitive to silicone-based lubricants. A numbing condom should only be used during sex, not for masturbation or other activities. You can also try a delay condom, which contains numbing ingredients that protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis.

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