Where Are Trojan Condoms Made?

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Trojan produces a bountiful range of condoms that cater to most men. Their girth and length vary, but they do have several larger options such as their Trojan Magnums.

Every condom is electronically tested to provide protection from pregnancy and STIs. It’s safe, reliable, and helps you romp with confidence.


Trojan’s Magnum condoms are a great option for guys who prefer a larger diameter. They have a general width of 2.5 inches and a flared head that’s slightly larger than standard sizes. This extra-wide condom offers greater sensitivity and a better fit. Plus, it contains a water-based lubricant for an intensified sexual experience.

The company’s premium latex protects against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Each condom is tested multiple times to help ensure safety and reliability. It’s no wonder more Americans trust Trojan than any other condom brand.

In 1998 Carter Products launched a new campaign for Trojan condoms featuring Laurel Dobalo, who was a director of marketing for the company at the time. The campaign included a series of radio spots with the comical Trojan Man delivering straightforward advice about safe sex to men and women.

The ads also featured a line of condoms called “Trojan Shared Sensations,” which were designed to be used by couples together. In addition to the condoms, the campaign also featured a line of sex toys and lubricants.

Today, the Trojan brand includes more than 30 varieties of condoms, sex toys, and lubricants. All of the company’s lubricants go through multiple quality tests to ensure their reliability and to keep them odor-free. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Chesterfield, Virginia and Trenton, New Jersey. The company’s products are sold in more than 50,000 stores across the country.

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TROJAN BareSkin is the brand’s thinnest condom ever, 40% thinner than their standard latex condom. They’re made in Japan, home of the world’s thinnest condoms and are lubricated for a more natural feeling and heightened sensitivity. But thin doesn’t mean riskier, each one is electronically tested to ensure total reliability.

Unlike other condoms, the clear material doesn’t have even the slightest nude tint and doesn’t stink, which makes it more pleasant to handle than regular latex. But this doesn’t make it any more or less durable than the regular Trojan product, which has been around for decades.

The company’s latest marketing push includes a TV spot featuring a couple rowing across a moonlit lake on a boat while they share a delicious dessert of chocolate mousse. Then, Trojan man interrupts them and hands them a pair of Trojan Shared Sensation condoms.

The ads are a reminder that while they’re the most popular condom brand in the country (claiming over 70% of all drug store condom purchases), their products don’t have to be boring. The company also produces a wide range of other sexual health products, from sex toys to lubricants.

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Trojan offers a range of condom sizes to ensure that you can find a protection that fits the way you want. Condom size is determined by nominal width (measurement across the rolled-up condom) and length (from tip to base).

The company also produces lubricants, vibrators, and intimate toys to enhance pleasure and sexual excitement. Each lubricant goes through strict quality testing to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

In a bid to target young people, the brand introduced two radio spots with a slightly different message than its 1996 campaign. The spots featured a comical Trojan Man and straightforward advice. The campaign was a success, and it led to an increase in brand awareness and sales of Trojan condoms.

Today, the Church & Dwight company continues to produce dozens of varieties of condoms under the Trojan name. The company sells its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The company has a vast factory in the United States where more than one million condoms are made each day. The condoms are tested to ensure that they provide total protection against pregnancy and STIs. Some of its most popular varieties are Magnum, UltraSmooth, and Ecstasy. In addition to Trojan condoms, the Church & Dwight company manufactures deodorants, home pregnancy tests, and hair-removal products. It also produces First Response, Nair, Spinbrush, and Orajel products.


Trojan’s latex condoms are molded, tested for pinprick holes and tears, and sealed with adhesive to prevent leaks. They are available in a variety of sizes, textures, shapes and lubricants. In addition to the traditional condom, Trojan has a line of personal lubricants called Trojan Vibrations that come in small bottles, and they have a vibrator designed to be used with their products.

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The company’s first television commercial in 1998 featured Trojan Man interrupting an intimate couple to hand them a condom and quipped, “Try this for a shared sensation.” The campaign was a success and more women began purchasing condoms from the brand.

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