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You may know LELO best for its next-level vibrators, but this female-founded brand also makes body-safe, eco-friendly condoms. Their natural vegan latex condoms are free from parabens, glycerin, gluten, and other ingredients that could upset your vaginal microbiome.

They’re also FDA-approved, electronically triple-tested, and made with fair trade natural rubber that’s nitrosamine free.

Lovability Buttercup Condoms

Lovability makes eco-friendly condoms and safer sexual toys that prioritize vaginal health. They use body-safe natural latex and skip the spermicide (and dyes, fragrances, and chemicals) to make their products more comfortable and safe for both partners.

The company’s founder, Tiffany Gaines, says she started her own line to normalize the use of condoms and to help women feel less embarrassed about purchasing them. Her NYC-based two-person startup sells them in lingerie stores and also has a discrete-but-chic reusable tin option to keep them at the ready.

This set includes 3 ultra-thin, lubricated Buttercup Condoms with intuitive, always-right-side-up wrappers that roll on easily without the teeth required for other brands. The set comes in a purse-ready, refillable tin for easy storage and on-the-go convenience.

HANX Vegan Condoms

HANX makes vegan, biodegradable condoms that are free of nitrosamine and designed to provide comfort and lubrication. They are also gynaecologist-approved, eco-friendly, and donate 10% of profits to women’s health organisations.

This female-founded company creates ultra-thin, fragrance-free, medically approved condoms made from 100% natural fair trade latex and sourced ethically. They’re FDA-approved and are a great choice for vegans as they contain no casein (a milk protein) and no glycerin or benzocaine.

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They’re also shelfie-worthy and are made to fit comfortably in your hands, plus come in a discrete box that you can easily pop in your bag. Plus, they’re carbon neutral and use reusable packaging. These are definitely worth checking out!

LOLA Natural Latex Condoms

A women-owned company, LOLA makes sex products that are gynecologist-approved, vegan, and super comfortable. Their ultra thin condoms are made from low-odor natural rubber latex and cornstarch powder, and they’re pre-lubricated with medical-grade silicone oil.

The company is also committed to closing the gender equity gap and donating their condoms to organizations that do good work in communities of color.

These organic, vegan condoms are sustainably sourced from trees and free of nitrosamines, spermicide, and gluten. They’re also made for medium-large penis sizes and are tested by real women, gynecologists, and sex specialists. And, the paper packaging can be recycled. Plus, they’re a great option for those with latex allergies.

Come Connected Natural Latex Condoms

You might know LOLA for their A+ toys and sexy organic tampons, but they also make condoms that are sustainably made, free from latex, gluten, casein, and spermicide, and lubricated inside and out. These also heat to body temperature for a pleasurable sensation and are electronically tested for safety.

These lubricated condoms have raised inner structures that maximize sensitivity while providing a snug fit, reducing the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections like HIV and herpes. Use these with water-based lubricants for the best experience, since oil can weaken latex and cause breakage. Available in four sizes so you can find the Goldilocks fit. You can even buy a 12-pack on Amazon for around $18.

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Glyde Organic Condoms

Glyde’s condoms are odourless and tasteless, and work great with water-based lubricants. They also feature a silky smooth texture that enhances sensations and are triple tested for reliability. They’re also Vegan certified.

GLYDE’s natural rubber latex is sustainably sourced from Fair Trade farms and is free of casein and glycerin, so they’re suitable for vegans. They make a variety of sizes including Slimfit, which has a snugger fit for individuals with smaller penises; Ultra, which is the benchmark product used by sexual health clinics and AIDS councils; and Maxi, which is perfect for men with larger penises.

The company is also carbon neutral and pays a fair wage to its workers.

Royal Natural Latex Condoms

For those who are sensitive to latex (an allergy affecting 4.3% of the population) or just want to reduce their environmental condois-print, there are eco-friendly alternatives like lambskin condoms and polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms. Just remember to always check the label for chemicals, including parabens and petrochemicals that are harmful to your body as well as the environment.

I love these polyisoprene condoms from Skyn — they’re strong, premium latex with a sensitivity that feels barely there. They’re also lubricated with natural glycerin and are odour-free, which is a great fit for those who struggle with latex smells. They’re also safe to use with oil-based lubricants. They’re recommended by Georgia Di Mattos, co-founder of female-founded sexual wellness brand and medical start up iPlaySafe App and Sarah Mulindwa, presenter on Channel 4’s The Sex Clinic, qualified NHS sexual health nurse and Lovehoney ambassador.

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Maude Ultra-Thin Condoms

A modern sexual wellness startup that specializes in organic, body-friendly intimate essentials, Maude condoms are sustainably made from 100% natural latex and have been electronically triple tested for safety. They’re free from harmful chemicals, spermicide, fragrance and even parabens. Plus, they’re easy to open with intuitive buttercup packaging that doesn’t require ripping or guessing which way is up.

They’re also one of the few brands that offers a snugger-fit option, so they’re a good choice for those who tend to fit standard condoms a bit too loosely. But they’re still lubricated with a mild silicone lubricant, so those sensitive to that may want to look elsewhere. They’re available in a variety of sizes and get a ton of positive reviews.

LELO Natural Latex Condoms

If you’re looking for a condom that’s as luxurious feeling as it is secure, then try LELO Hex. These ultra-thin condoms deliver both sensation and a precise fit with a unique hexagonal structure that features 350 interconnected cells. The outside is smooth and the inside is textured to help fight slippage.

While condoms have come a long way since they were first made from sheep intestines, they can still be pretty clunky to wear. Fortunately, these eco-friendly, natural latex condoms are designed to be as easy to open and use as possible while still offering safe sex protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They’re also free of lubricant, dyes and spermicide.

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