How Many Condoms in a Box?

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Condoms are easy to buy and available in a wide range of places. They can be bought at drugstores, Planned Parenthood health centers, family planning clinics, community centers, or doctors’ offices. They can also be purchased in bulk packages at supermarkets or convenience stores. They protect against pregnancy and STDs, including AIDS.


Condoms are a relatively inexpensive form of birth control and can be purchased from many places. You can get them at drugstores, Planned Parenthood health centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, doctor’s offices and even in washroom stalls (vending machines). You can also buy them online.

The cost of buying a box of condoms varies depending on the brand and quantity. It is a good idea to keep a couple of boxes on hand for emergencies, and change them regularly. Condoms need to be changed before they start leaking or lose their lubrication. You should also check the expiration date.

Some people find it awkward to go into the aisles of a grocery store or convenience store to buy condoms, but it is possible to buy them online. There are a variety of websites that offer packages of condoms at a lower price than you can get in a store, and they will ship them to your door discreetly so your postman or neighbor won’t know what is inside.

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Another option is to join a condom collective. This is a group of college students who care about the availability of high-quality condoms on their campuses. Members provide free, high-quality Trojan condoms to their peers. They also provide education and training on sexual health, reproductive justice, and organizing for systemic change.


Condoms are inexpensive, easy to find, have almost no side effects, and can save a person’s life. They also have less stigma than other birth control methods. You can buy them at convenience stores, drugstores, Planned Parenthood health centers, and even vending machines. Some schools, family planning clinics, and health centers give them away for free. Condoms can be used during vaginal, anal, and oral sex to prevent pregnancy and protect against STIs. They are a barrier method of birth control and can be up to 85% effective when they are used properly.

Condom use may take some practice. It’s important to talk with your partner about it, especially if you’re a newer user. Some people have a hard time putting them on, and some say they feel weird. But if you and your partner can get past this, you’ll have a safer, healthier sexual experience.

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To make sure your condoms are effective, store them correctly and follow the directions on the packaging. Avoid storing them with other items, as they can be damaged by sharp objects. It’s also important to check for leaks or breaks before each use. You should also keep them in a cool place, as heat can degrade latex. Using the wrong lubrication can also cause damage, so it’s best to stick with a water-based lubricant.


Condoms are an effective birth control method and can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and HIV. However, they aren’t completely foolproof and may fail to protect you if you make certain mistakes. For example, putting the condom on partway through intercourse or taking it off before intercourse is over can reduce its effectiveness, and using the wrong type of lubrication can cause it to break.

Condom errors are fairly common, but some can be easily avoided. In one study, researchers looked at condom use data from 50 studies spanning 16 years and found that about 1 percent of participants made at least one mistake during a sexual encounter. Some of the most common errors included failing to check for damage to the latex before use, exposing the condom to sharp objects such as piercings, jewelry or teeth and using improper lubrication.

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To prevent these mistakes, make sure that the box of condoms has not expired and use it as directed. Also, always read the label and don’t re-use a condom even if it feels dry or stiff. You should also avoid storing them in hot places where they could get damaged or become sticky. Finally, you should use a lubricant such as lotion or gel to increase the friction between your penis and the condom.


Condom sampler packs let you try several different kinds of condoms without spending a fortune. These packs are great for first-time buyers, and they also make excellent gifts.

These packs contain a mix of the best-selling condoms from brands like Kimono, Naked Luxury, Pasante, Trojan, SKYN, and Okamoto. They include pleasure-shaped, ultrathin, ribbed, and studded condoms. The condoms are lubricated and quality assured.

Whether you’re looking for an extra feeling or an intense sensation, this variety pack has everything you need. All of the condoms in this package are made with SKYNFEEL material and are lubricated with long-lasting, smooth lubricant. They are latex-free, have a teat end, and are electronically tested. They are also dermatologically tested. These condoms are safe for anal and oral sex.

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