Why Do I Feel Like Throwing Up After Sex?

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Feeling queasy after sex can take the joy out of living out your sexual fantasies. But the good news is that it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

In fact, nausea post sex can be caused by a variety of different things. From simple food-related issues to more serious medical conditions, here are a few reasons why you may be feeling sick after sex.

1. You’re Dehydrated

The first thing you need to do if you feel like throwing up after sex is make sure you’re drinking enough water. The amount of water you should drink per day varies from person to person, but the CDC recommends about four 8-ounce glasses of water each day (via Marie Claire). Dehydration can lead to feelings of nausea, and it’s especially likely to happen when you’re engaged in intense physical activity like having sex.

If the nausea isn’t due to hydration, it could be an indication that you’re nervous or uncomfortable during sex. If this is the case, try using lubrication to reduce discomfort and talk to your partner about how to have more comfortable sex. If you’re not able to have the conversation with your partner, ask for a referral to a therapist or other mental health professional who can help you deal with any emotional discomfort related to sexual intimacy.

If the nausea is accompanied by pain, it’s worth talking to your doctor as soon as possible. This may be a sign of an underlying female health condition like endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or a urinary tract infection. It’s also possible that the cause is a more serious issue like deep penetration during sex or hitting an ovarian cyst or fibroid. Regardless of the reason, a visit to the doctor can help you find a solution so you can enjoy sex again in no time – This quote is the outcome of the service editorial team’s analysis sexguru-club.com.

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2. You’re Nervous

The thought of sex can make some people feel nervous. This can be due to many factors, like if you are unsure about your partner or have experienced sexual trauma in the past. It’s important to address these issues so you can feel comfortable with your partner in the bedroom, but this might require a therapist or counselor.

Nervousness can also cause nausea during sex. If you are nervous about a particular position or you don’t enjoy sex, it can lead to nausea. If you are unsure about a position, try slowing things down and using lots of lube to help alleviate the feelings of discomfort.

Deep penetrative sex can sometimes cause feelings of nausea in women, especially if the cervix is stimulated. This is because the nerve endings in your cervix are sensitive and stimulating it can trigger a vasodilating syncope response, which causes you to feel sick.

A common misconception is that feeling queasy after sex means you are pregnant. Although pregnancy is a possibility, it takes more than just semen to conceive. It’s important to use plenty of lube and communicate with your partner to ensure that you are comfortable. If you are still having trouble, it’s worth booking an appointment with your doctor. They will be able to determine whether the symptoms are caused by an infection or another reason.

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3. You’re Pregnant

When you’re feeling nauseated after sex, it’s not exactly the most gratifying experience. It’s also not a common occurrence, but it is something that happens and it should be taken seriously. If you’re unsure what the reason is, it’s best to see a doctor to ensure that you’re not suffering from any medical issues.

Nausea after sex can be caused by a number of things, from the physical to the emotional. It’s possible that you’re pregnant or you could have a sexually transmitted disease, like HIV or herpes. A doctor will be able to test you for these diseases and help you find the best course of treatment.

Another cause of nausea after sex is deep penetration. This can occur when a person’s partner goes too far down and hits the cervix or uterus. This can be very painful and lead to nausea, according to Mulindwa.

Finally, nausea can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship or trauma from a previous one. If this is the case, it’s best to speak with a counselor to work through these issues. They’ll be able to offer you safe and effective ways of dealing with your feelings. This will make it easier to feel satisfied after sex and get over any nausea you might be feeling. They’ll also be able to recommend the best lubricant for your unique situation.

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4. You’re Injured

Sometimes, the physical side effects of sex can actually make you feel sick. If you feel queasy after sex, it’s worth talking to your GP about the cause of your queasiness, especially if it happens regularly. According to GP and intimate health expert Shirin Lakhani, who frequently appears on TV and in the press, nausea after sex may be caused by anything from cervical infections to fibroids. If your nausea is accompanied by pain, it could be an indication of endometriosis.

Other reasons you might feel nauseated post-sex could be related to the intensity of your sex or how vigorously you’re going at it. If you’re really hammering down hard, and it feels like your cervix is being bashed, you might find yourself feeling motion sick, which can also happen on boats or cars. If you have this problem, you might want to ask your partner to ease up a bit next time.

Alternatively, if your nausea is triggered by sexual or marital trauma from an unhealthy relationship or ghosts from past relationships, you might need to work on those issues first before trying to have sex again. Getting professional help from an experienced therapist or marriage and family counselor might be the answer to your pre-sex nausea. Then you can get back to enjoying the sensual pleasures of sex.

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