What is a Furry Fetish?

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A few well-publicized incidents involving furries have left some people with a skewed view of this subculture. One MSNBC morning show host even cracked up at the idea of educated, employed adults wearing animal costumes.

Despite popular stereotypes of fetishists who wear animal costumes and engage in furry porn, not everyone in the fandom is interested in sexy play.

What is a fetish?

A fetish is an obsession with something, usually sexual. People who engage in fetish behavior are known as fetishists, and they can be found in all walks of life. There are both nonsexual fetishes and sexual ones, and each is unique. For example, someone who has a foot fetish is obsesed with feet and gets sexual pleasure from them. Other people simply have a fetish for certain types of foods or shoes.

Those in the furry fandom are often associated with sexual fetishes because they love wearing costumes and acting like animals. Some even use their costumed selves to create erotic art or interact with others in animal form. However, there are many more things that make up a furry lifestyle than sex and plush toys.

It’s important to note that just because someone has a fetish doesn’t mean they will act in sexually inappropriate ways or are prone to violence. The majority of fetishists are not violent and only a small percentage of fetishists engage in kinky activities. Regardless, it’s not fair to portray furries as a group of sex fetishists who get off on having sex in animal costumes. It’s a stereotype that gives the fandom a bad name and prevents those who are not familiar with it from understanding it. Those who are unfamiliar with it have a wildly distorted idea of what furries are, and they will never understand how much more to the fandom is than just wearing animal costumes.

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What is a fursona?

A fursona (furspeech portmanteau of “furry” and “persona”) is an anthropomorphized animal character, persona or avatar created by a member of the Furry Fandom. They can be based on the creator’s own physical appearance, traits or personality, and even their favorite fictional characters or animals. They often have a distinctive color scheme or markings, and can be either feral or anthropomorphic.

While the term “fursona” is most commonly associated with the Furry Fandom, it can also be used to refer to any type of fictitious persona. Creating a fursona can be a powerful tool for self-expression, and many people find that their Fursonas become more like themselves over time. This can have a positive impact on their life, reducing anxiety and depression, increasing self-confidence, and improving social relationships.

When choosing a fursona, it is important to consider their species, body proportions and other physical characteristics. For example, a bear’s ears may be larger than those of a rabbit or fox. It is also not uncommon for a furry to outgrow their original personality and have their Fursona change with them.

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There are several ways that a furry can get their fursona, but some of the most popular methods include browsing Furrafinity and asking an artist to design them. However, this method is not always reliable and can be difficult as artists may not take kindly to someone claiming their work as their own.

What is sex in a fursuit?

The fact is that being a furry can look a lot of different ways. Some people just treat it as a casual hobby, discussing their fandom with other fans online or going to conventions and some go further with it, developing their own anthropomorphic animal persona (called their “fursona”) they identify with and even getting involved in character-based fetish play like plushophilia.

Others go a step further and get into full-body fursuits, known as fursuiting, for their sexual pleasure. This can involve anything from clothed genital stimulation (also known as dry humping or plushophilia) to full-blown sex between two people in the suit, facilitated by strategically placed openings called SPHs in the suits. In some cases, people can also add animal-like body adornments to their suits, and this can lead to a variety of sexually stimulating activities in addition to just fursuit sex.

But to be a true furry, you have to really enjoy the idea of being a specific character in costume. That’s what separates the community from mere fetishists, as opposed to just enjoying the sensation of being in certain poses or wearing certain materials. It’s like the difference between watching hentai and actually getting sexual gratification from it. For a furry, that means being excited about the idea of roleplaying as their animal character in bed.

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What is a furry sex scene?

While sex in fursuits is a part of the culture for some, it is not the whole picture. While there are certainly sexual aspects to the community, it is important that media does not pigeonhole the entire fandom into a sexual fetish. This stigma makes it harder for people to come out and join the community.

This is a major problem because the media tends to portray the community in a very negative light. This leads to the idea that all furries are sexual fetishists who get it on in animal costumes. This is completely untrue. Furries are simply fans of anthropomorphic animals. This is not unlike Trekkies or Whovians. For many, the thrill of being a furry comes from role play and being able to act out their fetish in an anonymous way.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with mixing a naturally occurring sex drive with an interest in anthropomorphic animals. It is no different than a video gamer who likes to watch pornographic images of their favorite characters. It is just something that needs to be talked about more.

In addition, it is important to remember that trying to have sex in a fur suit is not easy. Getting a good fit is hard and you will overheat quickly. For these reasons, the sexual element of the community is not as big as it is portrayed in the media.

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