What to Eat Before Anal Sex

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Bottoming, aka anal sex, involves licking and sucking the anus. This can be done by hand, a sex toy, or by your partner’s tongue.

Eating the right foods before anal can help avoid poop making an appearance during the anal sex. This is important because poop sits higher up in the rectum and could be uncomfortable or even painful for your partner.

1. Water

Drinking lots of water helps make anal sex more comfortable and prevents irritation of the skin around your anus. Washing your anus daily is also important, especially if you have had previous problems with itching or pain during anal sex.

If you’re concerned about poop leaking onto your partner, you can use a bulb douche, available at adult stores, to wash your rectum with plain water an hour or so before you plan on playing. This will help remove any debris in the anal canal and prepare it for play.

If you eat a diet high in fiber through natural foods or supplements, regular and bulky stool is easy to prepare for anal sex. This makes your anus feel softer and cleaner, which is what you want.

2. Fruit

If you’re concerned about being poopy during anal, it’s important to eat fiber-rich foods. “Your diet plays a massive role in how solid or liquid your stool will be,” says Hall.

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Aim for a daily dose of green leafy vegetables, such as kale, microgreens, spinach and cabbage. They’re high in fiber and help you digest faster.

Avoid spicy dishes and anything containing capsaicin, which can cause stomach pain for some bottoms. Also, avoid fried foods and salty foods, which can cause bloating.

3. Vegetables

Considering the fact that poop is often present during anal sex, many bottoms take precautionary measures to ensure that those fluids make a cameo rather than a starring role (think spit play). And what you put in your body can also have a big impact on what comes out.

A diet high in fiber — found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables — can help soften stools, which helps reduce strain on anal fissures. You can get the recommended amount of fiber in your diet through a well-rounded eating plan or by taking a fiber supplement, such as psyllium husks. These supplements can be taken on a regular basis or before anal to keep your stool healthy and soft.

4. Lean Meat

For bottoms, consuming foods high in fiber and cutting out dairy products can help keep anal poop solid. This is because the stomach needs time to digest fiber before anal poop can be released.

Bottoms often avoid eating certain foods if they know anal play is in the cards, such as spicy dishes. Alcohol should also be avoided before anal sex because it dehydrates and can throw the digestive tract out of balance, leading to those not-so-solid poops.

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Being well-hydrated makes it easier to get into pretzel-esque anal positions and may make the orgasms more intense. It can also help lubricate the anal area and reduce friction. It’s also important to have access to wipes for cleanup.

5. Low-Fat Milk

Most bottoms are terrified of making a mess during anal sex. A dirty anus is embarrassing, painful and can even lead to infection.

But if you’re careful about what you eat, it is possible to have clean anal play. And you can do it without the messy prep of an enema.

As the founder of anal sex education website The Bottom’s Digest, Austin chef Alex Hall has a few tricks up his sleeve for ensuring that penetrative anal play is as messy-free as possible. Read on to find out what foods you should avoid and what to eat before anal. (And, no, douching isn’t necessary.))…

6. Nuts

While it’s not possible to guarantee a mess-free anal play session, there are some precautions and decisions you can make that may reduce the odds of spaghetti bolognese making an appearance. The first, and most obvious, is to avoid drinking alcohol before anal play.

“Alcohol dehydrates the heck out of you, and throws your gut microbiome out of whack,” Hall says. It also makes stool move through your digestive tract more quickly, which can increase the chance for those not-so-solid poops. A diet high in fiber and probiotics can reduce bloating, keep stool more solid and improve your chances of a smooth anal fisting. Having access to lube and being vocal about when it’s time for reapplication can also help.

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7. Whole Grains

Getting enough fiber can help with rectal sensitivity, says O’Shaughnessy. It can also help reduce bloating and keep poop more solid, she adds.

Having access to plenty of lube and a spot to lay down during anal play can also prevent friction that can cause abrasions in the rectum. Having wipes on hand to clean up any anal fluids or spunk can be helpful, too.

And avoiding alcohol, which can dehydrate you, is a good idea before anal play, because it can also throw your gut microbiome out of whack and lead to not-so-pleasant symptoms like gas and diarrhea. That includes wine and beer, too. Hall hopes his cooking videos can destigmatize bottoming and encourage people to prioritize their pleasure.

8. Lean Meat

Food with fibre is helpful in anal fissures, because it bulks up the stool and reduces the need to strain while excreting. Include foods like bananas (which have pectin and resistant starch), raw vegetables, boiled potatoes, brown rice and quinoa.

While no amount of prepping can guarantee a mess-free anal sex session, it can definitely help minimize the chances that tonight’s spaghetti bolognese makes a surprise appearance during coitus. And even though most tops prefer a clean hole, it’s certainly not unheard of for poop to make an appearance during anal sex. Just be careful to use plenty of lube. You’ll thank us later. —Brigitte Zeitlin, dietitian and founder of BZ Nutrition.

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