What is the Most Common Fetish?

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A fetish is sexual arousal that involves an object or activity outside of the typical genital areas, limbs, and chest. It is not taboo to pursue a fetish as long as there is consent.

Australians are most likely to search for Urolagnia, a kink that includes sexual attraction to the act of urinating or seeing someone else urinating.

Foot Fetishes

Foot fetishes, also called podophilia, are more common than you might think. People with this kink are aroused by the smell, texture and appearance of feet or anything associated with them like shoes, socks, etc. They might get pleasure from touching, rubbing or licking the feet of their partner. They might enjoy having someone rub their feet over their genitals for foreplay. Some people even have a foot penetration fetish, where they use their own or a partner’s feet to enter the penis or anus.

Many people with this fetish also have a fascination with high heels and socks, especially when they are worn by their partners. This is probably due to the way the brain groups neurons for sensory input from the feet and genitals, which could explain why feet are a popular sexual arousal trigger.

When it comes to letting a sexual partner know about your foot fetishes, Mistress Tokyo suggests first having a discussion with them and being honest. She believes this can help you find an understanding sexual partner who is willing to explore your fetishes in a safe and consensual way.

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High Heels

High heels are a common fetish that turns on a lot of people. This is because they add height to the wearer and highlight the legs, buttox and general curves of the female body.

They are also used in many ballroom dances like the Argentine tango, where women often wear heels ranging from 2 to 4 inches high. The heels have a powerful effect on the posture of the dancer, shortening the stride and accentuating the lumbar curve.

Researchers have found that men judge females in flat shoes as significantly less attractive than those in heels. Heels also amplify the “wiggle” of a woman’s hips and buttox when she walks, which is very sexual for a lot of men. Women who wear heels also appear more feminine and are easier to catch and subdue.


Usually going hand-in-hand with foot fetishes, stocking or nylon kinks involve sexual attraction to – you guessed it – nylon (or other opaque) leg coverings. These can be worn alone or in combination with panties, suspenders and garter belts.

Nylon stockings were first introduced in a big splash at the 1939 World’s Fair. They were a breakthrough technology that replaced silk stockings, which had a tendency to snag and run. Nylon, on the other hand, promised to be as tough as steel and as sheer as cobwebs.

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Stockings can also be knitted with different deniers, which refer to how fine or thick the fabric is. The lower the denier, the more sheer a stocking will be. There are also fishnet and fencenet stockings, which are knitted in a wide open pattern that looks like a fish net or a fence.

A common kink related to nylons is humiliation play. This involves reclaiming embarrassment and turning it into a sexual arousal for yourself or a partner. The type of humiliation that gets a person off may vary, from role play as an educator and student or doctor and patient to a more masochist bent, such as being played by a succubus or incubus.


Spanking, either as a turn-on or as a punishment, is a common fetish. It can involve light hand slapping or paddles, as well as impact play. It can also be part of roleplay or BDSM.

Another common fetish is the one that involves food. Some people have a kink for eating things that turn them on (like cake, pudding, and jello) while others have a fetish for sploshing.

Other common fetishes include emetophilia, which is a sexual interest in vomit; and klismaphilia, or arousal from enemas. Finally, erotic humiliation is a very common fetish where people get turned on by the feeling of being made to feel embarrassed.

Of course, there are many more fetishes out there. While some are taboo, most of the ones listed above are not (as long as they take place between consenting adults). Just remember that what turns you on is your own thing and nothing to be ashamed of. So go ahead and explore those kinks that are unique to you! You may find that you’re into more than you thought you were.

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Balloon Fetishes

In the age of online sex misinformation, it’s important to have trusted sources for all your sexual needs. Mashable is here to serve as your kinky agony aunts, ready to answer any questions you may have about fetishes, from the bizarre to the more erotic.

People who have a balloon fetish are often known as looners, and their turn-on can be the sight, touch, movement, or sound of the inflatable objects. This fetish is often paired with other types of fetishisms like shoes (inflate, crush), breasts (inflate, admire), or macrophilia. Looners can be divided into “poppers” and non-poppers, with the latter group preferring to admire or interact with balloons rather than pop them.

There is a sub-niche of the balloon fetish called taphephilia, in which the person enjoys being trampled on for sexual purposes. It is believed that this kink stems from a desire for pain and submission to a dominant. This fetish is also closely related to claustrophilia, in which the person experiences sexual arousal from being confined. Interestingly, this is the same kink that explains why serial killers are so incredibly attractive to many women.

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