Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

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Trojan Magnum XL Condoms are designed for men who find standard regular and large size condoms too small. They are 20% wider at the tip and tapered at the base to stay on securely. They are made with a premium lubricant and electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

Men with larger girths often seek condoms that fit better both hard and flaccid. However, many people don’t know what condom sizes are appropriate for their penis.

Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

If you have a large girth, finding a condom that fits well is important to ensure both safety and pleasure. A condom that’s too big can slip off during sex, while one that’s too small can be uncomfortable. According to sex therapist Keeley Rankin, choosing the right size depends on both length and width. A good fit is snug but not tight, she says.

Men who want the extra comfort of a larger-sized condom should look for condoms that are labeled as magnum, XL, or maxi. These are usually longer and wider than standard condoms, and can also have a special reservoir tip for added security – This section is the creation of the portal’s experts Temptation Tales.

Trojan Magnum XL Condoms are 30% larger than the original Magnum condom and are tapered at the base for a comfortable, secure fit. They feature a special reservoir tip for increased safety and silky smooth lubricant for enhanced sensitivity. These latex condoms are made from premium quality materials and are individually electronically tested to help ensure reliability. They are HSA/FSA eligible and are backed by the trusted TROJAN Brand for a safe, happy and healthy sex life.

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Made with SKYNFEEL, an ultra soft, stretchy, premium polyisoprene material, this lubricated condom feels like your own skin, with just the right amount of slipperiness to provide both comfort and excitement for you and your partner. These Trojan condoms are hypoallergenic, made with no odor or dyes, and are the thinnest and most sensitive premium condom on the market.

Trojan Magnum XL Latex Condoms

TROJAN Magnum Large Condoms are extra-large, lubricated condoms designed for a comfortable fit and made with premium latex. The lubrication helps ensure sensitivity, and the condoms are tapered at the base for security. These men’s condoms are HSA/FSA eligible, and each one is electronically tested to help ensure reliability. Using latex condoms properly helps reduce the risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and can help protect against genital herpes.

These large size condoms are 30% wider than the original Magnum condoms and are ideal for men who find regular or large size condoms too tight. They’re silky smooth and have a reservoir tip for added safety and comfort.

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Trojan Magnum XL Lubricated Condoms

Trojan is one of the most well-known condom brands in the country, and for good reason. Their Magnum line of condoms is designed specifically for men who are larger than average. These hefty condoms are 30% larger than standard latex condoms and feature a tapered base for a secure fit. Plus, they come lubricated and with a reservoir tip for extra safety.

But, do you really need a Magnum sized condom? And, if so, how big does your penis need to be to fit in this hefty sex tool?

While a condom that fits perfectly is important for a smooth sex experience, you don’t need to break the bank to find a size that works. According to sex therapist Keeley Rankin, a standard condom that’s about the same length as your girth is going to be the best choice for most guys.

If you’re a bit larger than average, though, the Magnum XL line is probably worth looking into. These latex condoms are designed to be 30% larger than regular Trojan Magnum condoms and feature a reservoir tip for added safety. They’re also lubricated and individually electronically tested for reliability. And, they’re HSA/FSA eligible so you can use them with your health savings account or flexible spending account. Plus, they’re made with SKYNFEEL, a premium polyisoprene that feels soft and natural.

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Trojan Magnum XL Natural Condoms

Trojan Magnum XL natural condoms have more room than standard size ones for a better fit. They also have a reservoir tip to help ensure protection. They are made from premium latex and are silky smooth lubricated on the inside for added pleasure. They are electronically tested for reliability and follow the highest safety standards.

Choosing the right condom is crucial for maximizing pleasure and protecting against STDs and pregnancy. The best way to determine which condom is the right size for you is to measure the length and girth of your penis. A condom that is too big will slip off during sex and may break. Conversely, a condom that is too small may feel constricting and could potentially fall off during sex.

You can find a variety of sizes of Magnum condoms at most online and brick and mortar stores. If you’re not sure which size is the best fit for you, read our Condom Size Chart.

It is important to use condoms correctly to ensure protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). When used properly, Magnum latex condoms can reduce the risk of pregnancy and many STIs including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia infections, and genital herpes. However, no contraceptive can guarantee 100% protection from pregnancy or STIs. Read and follow the instructions for use on the inner side of the package.

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