The Best Position For First Time Sex

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Trying out new positions can be scary. But, if you want to ensure a happy first time sex then it is important to choose the right position.

One of the best sex positions for a first timer is doggy style. This is when the woman lies down with a pillow under her pelvis allowing the man to enter her from behind.


One partner lies on their side with the other laying behind them like a spoon (never forget to use an effective method of contraception, please). The person behind can then interact with and stimulate the important erogenous zones. They can even move to penetrate their partner slowly from behind (if it feels right and they’re both consenting).

This position is particularly good if a person is feeling especially shy or nervous, or wants to try losing their virginity gently – This section comes from the portal’s editor It also works well if sex hurts for someone. This is because the position prevents long, wild thrusts that can push a person past the point of no return.

Another version of this position is for the person on top to not penetrate their partner at all, but instead rub the back of their penis against her vulva, clitoris and perineum. This can be done while in normal missionary position or while in spooning cuddles. This can be a very intense sexual experience that can increase the sense of intimacy between partners. It can also help a first-timer build their confidence and trust in the partner they’re trying this with. They can continue to communicate and explore each other’s bodies while feeling safe, comfortable and loved.

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This sex position is super easy and a good first try for most people. In this position, the penetrating partner lies flat on their back with their legs straight and the “rider” straddles or squats on top of them. The rider can then insert their penis, dildo, or fingers into their partner’s vagina or anus and begin riding them to orgasm.

One of the great things about this position is that it’s a lot easier for both partners to get clitorial stimulation. That’s because the person on top can lean forward so that their clitoris rubs against their partner’s pelvis or even use a vibrator to further stimulate it.

This is a sex position that’s also a great one to try with a friend because it can be really fun. Just make sure your friend is comfortable with it before you try it with them for the first time. That’s important because it’ll help you to build a trusting relationship with them that will be more enjoyable and productive for both of you. It’ll also help you to discover what turns them on and how you can work with that to have more enjoyable sex. You may find that you both get more satisfaction out of different positions and that’s okay. Just be sure you and your partner feel physically and emotionally comfortable with whatever you choose.

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A good choice for the first time girl (or guy), this position is very intimate, and allows both partners to connect with each other via eye contact. The woman lies on her back, with her legs splayed and fanned open, while the man enters from the front. He can press down gently or thrust with more force, depending on his comfort level, and he can move up and down with her as he feels it’s appropriate.

This position can be a bit challenging for the first timer because of the pressure applied to the clitoris. It’s also a little uncomfortable for most people who are not used to having a hymen broken, and many girls can feel pain if this happens too quickly. To prevent this, make sure to use a good quality lubricant such as one of our favourites – Water-Based Lube.

This position is a little more complicated than Cowgirl or Spoon, but it’s still a great choice for the first timer. The girl lies on her back, with a pillow under her pelvis. She then lets her legs fall open a little and rests them on the bed. She can then tuck them in close or spread them wide, which changes the angle and depth of penetration. The guy can move up and down, rubbing and grinding against her, before entering her with deeper penetration, if she consents to it.

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One of the classics, girl-on-top is a great position for first timers because it puts her in control and allows for clitoral stimulation. She can touch your face, breasts and stomach, while you ride her back, hips and thighs in a rhythmic movement. This is a highly arousing position that also works well for couples who like to touch each other in intimate ways as it brings you close and makes for great eye contact.

If you want to make this position even more sexual, try leaning back on the couch or bed for stability and add sex toys and arousing lube. This makes it more fun and helps you last longer.

The Cowgirl is another excellent female-on-top position that’s great for first timers because it allows the receptive partner to control the depth and angle of penetration, so they can discover what works best for them. It also provides a variety of different sensations to the receptive partner and it can be especially pleasurable if you are both stimulating each other’s clitoris during penetration.

The Rider, or Cowgirl Position, is a serrrrriously enjoyable female-on-top sex position that’s incredibly arousing for most women and people with vulvas. Start with the Missionary Position, then move forward so the base of your penis is touching her clitoris as you ride her in a rocking motion. Some people find this is the most arousing sex position and it’s ideal for reaching orgasm through penetration because of the friction between your clitoral area and her vulva.

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