Oral Sex Candy

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Oral sex candy is a fun way to add sensation to oral foreplay. It can also be used with other toys to enhance sexiness and pleasure.

BJ Blast is the fizzing, popping, bursting oral sex candy that adds excitement to any encounter. Each package contains enough for both partners to share in the fun – This fragment captures the essence of the website author’s perspective https://sexholes.com.

Throat Numbing Candies

Throat numbing candy is an easy way to add an extra level of sensation to oral sex. Simply fill your mouth with the candy before getting started and as you explore each other’s lips, the candy will explode in your mouth creating a fizzing, popping, bursting sensation that both partners can enjoy.

This is the same type of candy that you might have seen porn stars use on their junk in videos on YouTube. However, they were just using it to demonstrate a weird fetish of theirs. It turns out that porn stars like to lick and play with exploding candy in their throats for oral sex. The brand we carry is Pipedream’s BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy.

BJ Blast is a flavored candy that contains Benzocaine. It works similar to Pop Rocks and provides a tingling sensation on the tongue when licked. It comes in four different flavors.

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If you’re looking for something to add a little more excitement to kissing and oral sex, we have several flavored gels that will do the trick. Try our lip smacking Sweeten’d Blow or smear some Love Lickers on him or her for some lick-able sensation.

For a deeper experience, we have Throat Numb Oral Sex Spray that has a numbing effect on the back of the throat. There’s also Comfortably Numb Anal Desensitizing Cream that will numb the anus.

Liquid Candies

One of the more popular forms of oral sex candy are those that come in a syringe-like container. This allows them to be easily injected in the mouth before oral sex, and it also adds a little extra excitement for both partners. Some of these liquid candies are even flavored, which adds another level of arousal.

One such product is BJ blast, a fizzing, popping, bursting oral sex candy that has a similar effect to Pop Rocks. It’s a fun addition to oral sex, and it can be used with teeth covers for added sensation. It’s a great option for couples who like to experiment with different kinds of sensation and flavor during sex.

Another great option is Dickalicious penis arousal gel. This sexy gel can be spread on the skin and licked off. It’s perfect for him or her, and it has a bit of menthol mixed in to heighten sensation and arousal. It’s also non-staining and water based, making it easy to clean up. This sexy gel is available in a variety of flavors, and it’s a lot of fun to use during arousal or foreplay. This sexy gel is available from several vendors, and it’s also sold in a sample pillow pack for you to try a few different flavors. We will substitute with a similar flavor if we are out of stock on your first choice.

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Teeth Covers

You can find a wide range of oral sex candy that can be used to spice up intimate moments. These products vary in size, shape and texture but they all work to enhance the sensations of oral sex. Some are flavored as well to add a new level of excitement.

One such product is the Head Job Oral Sex Candy from Pipedream that resembles Pop Rocks and even has tiny explosions as it dissolves in your mouth. Porn stars were recently recruited by YouTube channel Wood Rocket to test out the fun candy and see how they reacted. Watch the hilarious video below to see how it all went down.

If you’re looking for a way to sweeten love making or add a new dimension to foreplay try squirting a little of this tingling lubricant on your partner’s lips and licking it off. It’s easy to use and a great way to create arousal without getting messy. Available in four yummy flavors – we’ll send your first choice if we are out of stock.

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Take oral sex to the next level with this kit that includes everything you need for a delicious blow job, including Good Head Strawberry Oral Delight Gel, Good Head Helping Hand Oral Sex Lubricant and a Good Head Vibrating Tongue Ring. Plus, a handy tips card to learn some new tricks.

Doc Johnson Oralove Intimints Mint Tin

If you love to get your lips numb, you’ll love these discreet mints that make it easy. The Throat Numbing Oral Sex Candy contains Benzocaine for a throat-tingling taste that can be enjoyed by both partners. The tin contains 40 mints.

Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel

Add a little tingle to oral lovemaking with this tasty gel that adds flavor for her, with a touch of menthol for extra sensation. The formula is water based for easy clean up and it’s condom/sex toy safe. Available in eight sexy flavors.

Love Lickers Penis Arousal Gel

If you like to rub on the flavor before licking off for him, then these cute 50 ml bottles of sensually sweet flavored oral sex candies are for you. You can apply the lickable cream to your partner’s tongue, mouth or erogenous zones for intense pleasure. Sugar free/glycerin free, non-staining, and paraben-free. We will substitute for your preferred flavor if out of stock of your first choice.

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