How to Use a Suction Cup Drildo

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If you want to explore your clitoral stimulation with an added sensation of foreplay, try sticking your suction cup dildo to the side of your bathtub. You can straddle it or lower yourself onto it to ride it!

Just make sure to use plenty of lube. And remember that you can also stick it to any smooth flat surface!


Suction cup dildos work well on hard, flat surfaces and create a tight seal that feels great. You can mount your toy on a wall, mirror, window, and even a chair. Just make sure the surface is clean and free of moisture and residue. It should also be a sturdy material that won’t easily break or crack during hard thrusts.

A dining room chair is a popular choice, and you can ride it from behind for some vaginal and anal stimulation. Depending on the height of the chair, you can get up close or move back and forth to find the perfect position. A kitchen counter is another good option, and you can use the edge of the counter to support yourself while riding the dildo.

Another fun kink is to mount your dildo on the glass of your window. This can be a little tricky, but it’s an option that’s worth exploring. Just be careful to use a thin, clear window and keep in mind that harder thrusts may cause the window to break.

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A bathtub is also a great option, and you can stick the toy on the inside of the tub, then get in and start gliding. This is a fun way to masturbate in a more intimate position, and it’s easy to do with the help of a suction cup dildo.


Using a suction cup dildo on a bed or a sexy headboard is one of the most intimate ways to play with this toy. A headboard can be a very smooth and comfortable surface for penetration, especially when you are bent on your knees and not spreading your legs out as far. A vertical surface, like a wall or headboard, also allows you to face the dildo once it’s in place and turn around to use it for anal and vaginal penetration.

The edge of a sofa is another surface that works well with a suction cup dildo, though you have to be a little careful when using this technique. To do this, place the dildo on the edge of a couch seat and position yourself as if you are going for the “doggy” position with the tip of the toy lined up with your anal or vaginal opening.

You can also mount a suction cup dildo to a table for some fun kitchen-inspired anal and vaginal play. Obviously, the edge of a kitchen counter is an excellent horizontal surface to use this toy on – just make sure it’s mounted at the appropriate height for your needs. A dinner table or coffee table are great options, too – they allow you to cavort with your new lover in the comfort of your home.

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A suction cup dildo is an ideal toy for wall-based penetration. It can be stuck to a wall and positioned at the perfect height for your vaginal or anal penetration, or it can be mounted close to the floor and used doggy style. If you’re a man, a dildo mounted on the wall can also be used to stimulate the prostate and act out your anal play fantasies.

Generally, any wall will work, provided it has an even surface and can securely hold the dildo. However, a shower wall is the best place to start as it will have the most secure suction. It is also a great way to try out anal penetration using the toy, as well as other pleasure techniques like sucking and stroking.

If you want to get more visual stimulation while playing with the dildo, try mounting it on a mirror. This will give you the added pleasure of watching yourself ride the dildo, and it’s a great way to get your partner involved too.

Windows are an option too, although it is important to check that the window can be securely locked and won’t break if pushed against. Always use caution when using a suction cup dildo on any surface, but with the right amount of lube and careful placement, the results can be deliciously satisfying.

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The best places to stick a suction cup dildo are on solid, smooth surfaces. Dining room chairs and kitchen counters are classic choices, but you can also mount your toy in any other chair that offers a seat with a backrest or on the floor. Just be sure to support yourself with a sturdy piece of furniture when you’re riding your dildo in a position that requires you to back up or squat.

The floor is a fun option as well, especially for anal penetration. Add the right amount of water-based lubricant and you can enjoy riding your dildo while simultaneously stroking your anal area. This is a great way to explore your threesome fantasies, and it’s also a lot of fun when done with a partner!

Some people even like to use their dildo on the floor in a “doggy style” position. This is a fun visual experience that can be especially satisfying when the dildo is moving up and down as it rides your anal. You can even try this on a wall-mounted mirror for an extra naughty twist, but be cautious with leaning mirrors because they could fall and break. The floor is also a good choice for a variety of other erotic positions that involve riding your dildo while someone else plays with your hair, pulls on your breasts, and so forth.

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